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Anesthesiology Services in Houston, TX

Why choose Northwest Anesthesiology

Northwest Anesthesiology & Pain Services is a single specialty professional practice focused on anesthesia and associated aspects of anesthesia. We are wholly owned and operated by our physician partners who are dedicated to our patients, our colleagues, and our employees. We are a long-standing group with a strong record and work hard to build on that history every day.

We provide complete anesthesia and pain management services across facility types and needs.

We provide anesthesia as needed for general surgical procedures and all specialties including cardiac anesthesia, obstetrical anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, neuro, ortho, plastics, eyes, ENT, and pain management . Our anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and anesthesia assistants have the training and demonstrated experience to serve the gamut of comprehensive anesthesia needs.



Anesthesia and OR Management

We provide consistent, quality care with a well-staffed team around the clock day after day. We work with our facilities and systems partners to provide care informed by patient data – toward established metrics and excellence in care.

We’ve consistently demonstrated that we provide value-added services to our hospital partners, that meet and exceed high standards of care, that increase the efficiency of ORs and surgical suites, and that are responsive to our partners’ needs.

Surgery Centers:

Anesthesia and OR Management

We pride ourselves in our attention to the needs of our patients, facilities, staff and surgeons. We are particularly well suited for surgery center anesthesia contracts. We excel at safe, efficient and friendly work and have extensive experience as key team member in even the most demanding situations to help keep your ASC running smoothly.

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Anesthesia and Office-Based Anesthesia Management

Look to us to staff your office-based procedures. We help busy offices and those with occasional needs set up and manage well-run office-based anesthesia. We work with you to establish the equipment, procedures, and schedules to meet your needs. We provide flexible and consistent staffing. We provide support during inspections and reviews.

Pain Management:

Anesthesia, Pain Management, Integrated Practice Management and Billing Support

Northwest anesthesiology provides pain management support to providers.

For select pain management practices and anesthesiology practices, we offer integrated practice management and billing support. Our services leverage our experience to help you manage your practice.

We provide stand-alone acute and chronic pain management at our affiliated clinic, Superior Pain Relief and can accept referrals of your patients.

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